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Pet Simulator X METHOD - PETS + GEM DUPE METHOD SCRIPT ⚔️ - May 2022

Pet Simulator X METHOD - PETS + GEM DUPE METHOD SCRIPT ⚔️ - May 2022
8 months ago | scripts

Pet Simulator X METHOD - PETS + GEM DUPE METHOD SCRIPT ⚔️ - May 2022

Dec 8, 2021

💙 Made by Yuuto#8772

  • 1. Get 2 alts (Phone and PC is recommended)
  • 2. Get them both in the same VIP (makes it easier) (if you don't have VIP try on trading plaza)
  • 3. Invite your alt into the same bank
  • 4. Now deposit all the pets and gems you wanna dupe into the bank
  • 5. Get the bank GUI up on phone + PC
  • 6. Now at teh same time, withdraw the pets/gems you've selected
  • 7. If you've done all the steps above right, it should say "success" on both accounts
  • 8. Now you can't actually have duped pets on the same server/bank, so transfer them to an alt
I'm testing a script at the moment to do all this automatically with a 100% success rate, I'll release if it goes according to plan.
🍧🐰 Last updated on 1 May, 2022. Try this Pet Simulator X METHOD - PETS + GEM DUPE METHOD. epicguardscript

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  • December 8, 2021
Pet Simulator X METHOD - PETS + GEM D...
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Pet Simulator X METHOD - PETS + GEM DUPE METHOD SCRIPT ⚔️ - May 2022

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