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Westbound - KILL(ALMOST) ALL SCRIPT ⚔️ - May 2022

Westbound - KILL(ALMOST) ALL SCRIPT ⚔️ - May 2022
6 months ago | scripts

Westbound - KILL(ALMOST) ALL SCRIPT ⚔️ - May 2022

Jan 18, 2022

💙 Made by CacoDeVidro
Its very simple you just needInfinite Yield
how to do:
1: select “Outlaw”
2: get out the safe zone and fly to a safe area where no ones will kill you
3: type noclip in cmd
4: type loopbring others in cmd (if you want to target one person just type the player name instead of “others”
5: select a knife (press Q and select knife)
6: now just attack the mass of people in your front (i recommend using a autoclicker)
Notes: wont work with people who are in a horse and people in a safe zone
Autoclicker if you want: loadstring(game:HttpGetAsync(“https://raw.githubusercontent.com/JustEzpi/ROBLOX-Scripts/main/ROBLOX_AutoClicker”))()

🍧🐰 Last updated on 1 May, 2022. Try this Westbound Script - KILL(ALMOST) ALL. epicguardscript

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  • January 18, 2022
Westbound - KILL(ALMOST) ALL SCRIPT ⚔...
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Westbound - KILL(ALMOST) ALL SCRIPT ⚔️ - May 2022

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