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Miner's Haven GUI - 45+ FEATURES SCRIPT ⚔️ - May 2022

Miner's Haven GUI - 45+ FEATURES SCRIPT ⚔️ - May 2022
6 months ago | scripts

Miner's Haven GUI - 45+ FEATURES SCRIPT ⚔️ - May 2022

Jan 31, 2022

💙 Made by SlenderCancer

  • Autofarm
    • Auto Rebirth (Ability To use Two Layouts and External Layouts)
    • Ore Boost (Teleports your ores through all upgraders, and to furnace, works with resetters, this might get you banned though)
    • Wait To Skip (Waits to auto rebirth until you have enough money to skip selected amount of lives)
    • Auto Pulsar (Waits a selected amount of time after each rebirth and pulses)
    • Auto Excavate (Automatically does any excavator you may have placed on your base)
    • CrateTP (Teleports you to all crates around the map, and new ones that spawn in)
    • Auto Open Crate (Automatically opens the selected crate)
    • Auto Sacrifice (For New Players, Automatically plays the game and gets to life 1000 and sacrifices, uses adaptive rebirth layout, pls report any bugs in my discord)
    • Auto RP Farm (Teleports all ores spawned in into a furnace of your choice, Industrial scarab is the best rp furnace right now)
  • Base Tweaks
    • Upgrader Beam Size Changer (Changes the size of the upgrader part of a selected upgrader)
    • Lock Ore Rotation (Locks the rotation of your ore to a selected angle, makes some railgun setups a lot more consistent)
    • Heart Of Void Portable TP (Teleports the portable upgrader eyes that the heart of void item makes to a selected upgrader so ores always hit it)
  • Webhooks
    • Rebirth, Shiny, and Decimal Webhook Options (Sends message when you rebirth or get a shiny or decimal, you can select different webhooks for each one, images at the bottom of thread) (Webhooks and on/off status saves between executions)
    • Ping On Shiny (Pings the inputted userid when you get a shiny if you have shiny logging on)
    • Auto Screenshot On Shiny (Screenshots your roblox when you get a shiny)
  • Leaderboards
    • Shows the leaderboard in the gui, supports all boards except recent shinies (Does not work in solo island, only in public and vips)
    • Refresh Leaderboard (If the leaderboard didn't load correctly because you tried to load it while the in game ones were loading, just click this to refresh)
  • Vendors
    • Auto Superstitious (Use with auto rebirth, if you have enough items for the selected super, when you are about to rebirth with auto-rebirth, it will place the necesarry items down for the catalyst, and if you get the catalyst (30% chance) then it will craft the super)
    • Game GUIs (Opens craftsman, masked man, spookmcdook, anywhere)
    • Teleports (Teleports you to various different locations)
  • Layouts
    • External Layouts (Three of these, saves to a file which you can load with the gui, in case you have all 3 in-game layouts filled)
    • Copy Layout (Type in players username, and it copies their base to yours, you have to be in the same server)
    • Preset Layouts (Only one right now, but its a 20 second inf setup from a youtube video)
    • Note: My external layouts load so fast, and the plane info is saved so items are actually connected to the platforms like how it is for in game layouts, this took me ages to make and its way better than any competitors external layouts, pls try it out, my thing even saves evaluator values
  • Misc
    • Movement (change your walkspeed/jumppower)
    • Always Day/Night
    • Explosion Invisibility
    • Stop autorebirthing at life (input a number)
    • stop rebirthing when you get a slipstream
    • Upgrader Checker (Makes all your upgraders invisible, except the upgrader part, and if a ore touches it then it turns green, if not its red)
    • Clear Ores (clears all the ores on your base, optional keybind for this)
    • Optimize Game (Destroys everything in the map except your base, you have to rejoin to reverse it, might break cratetp)
  • Universe TP
    • Teleports you to all places connected to miner's haven
    • Teleporting to The Temple and talking to the guy will automatically give you the heart of void badge and thus giving u access to forbidden tome
    • Teleporting To John Doe and executing the gui again will give you an option to auto complete john doe challenge
    • Teleporting to The Void and executing the gui again will give you a button to auto complete the void
  • Spoofer
    • Stats spoof (For recording purposes)
    • Character spoof (For recording purposes)
    • Invisible base (For recording purposes)
  • Items Info
    • Upgraders (Detailed Info and 3-D rendering of the model)
    • Mines(Detailed Info and 3-D rendering of themodel)
    • Furnaces(Detailed Info and 3-D rendering of themodel)
  • Settings
    • Theme Changer (Fully custom, change every bit of the gui to your liking, saves between executions, just dont make two of the colors have the exact same rgb value)
    • Preset Themes (3 of these if u dont wanna make ur own)
    • Keybind to minimize GUI
    • Credits (clicking discord button will copy discord link to your clipboard)
🍧🐰 Last updated on 1 May, 2022. Try this Miner's Haven Script GUI - 45+ FEATURES. epicguardscript

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  • January 31, 2022
Miner's Haven GUI - 45+ FEATURES SCRI...
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Miner's Haven GUI - 45+ FEATURES SCRIPT ⚔️ - May 2022

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